Moscow's Final Solution: 

The Genocide of the German-Russian Volga Colonies

Moscow's Final Solution: The Genocide of the German-Russian Volga Colonies by Darrel P. Kaiser @ www.Volga-Germans.com & www.DarrelKaiserBooks.com

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The final chapter of the German-Russian Volga Colonies is filled with words such as Starvation, Torture, Mass Murders,  Deportation, Siberia, Genocide, and Democide. Why?

After all the trouble that Tsarina Catherine the Great went to get the German-Russians to come to her country, one would think that they would be forever welcome. Not so, because the German-Russians were still "Germans" at heart and could not be trusted or so the Russians felt. Once the German-Russians had completed their task of civilizing the Volga steppes, they were no longer need and became a liability. This became evident beginning around 1860 when the Tsarist Government issued new decrees restricting their lives. This would be just the start of 80 years of Government campaigns to rid Russia of the German-Russians. It would all end with Stalin's Final solution.

This book covers the ever increasing stranglehold that the Tsarist Russian Government clamped on the German-Russians Volga Colonies thru the enforcement of Stalin's Genocide. It also covers what is recorded about those that survived deportation and Stalin's reign of terror. Includes a  Summary, a Bibliography and Endnotes. 

Over 130 pages with 30 illustrations

6" x 9" Format, Perfect Binding, Black and White interior ink

ISBN: 978-0-6151-5780-1

Author: Darrel P. Kaiser

Publisher: Darrel Kaiser Books (www.DarrelKaiserBooks.com)

(c)2007  English Second Edition


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