The Bad & Downright Ugly 

of the German-Russian Volga Colonies 

The Bad & Downright Ugly of the German-Russian Volga Colonies by Darrel P. Kaiser @ www.Volga-Germans.com & www.DarrelKaiserBooks.com

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Third book in my series on German-Russians of the Volga Colonies. The goal of this book is to identify the hardships that my German-Russian ancestors endured and overcame in the Volga Colonies. The First Chapter covers their emigration to the Volga Colonies. The Second Chapter covers the Shock and Disappointment, Death Rate, Wild Weather, Sickness, and Food Shortages that they endured. Chapter 3 is about Tsarina Catherine the Great and her "promises." Chapter 4 covers the Robber Bands and Nomadic Tribes and their terrorizing of the colonies. The tale of Emelian Pugachev is in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 covers Lenin and the Red Guards, and the Rebellion in Warenburg. Chapter 7 is the last chapter and is all about Famine in Germany and the Volga Colonies. Following that is the Summary, a Bibliography and Endnotes. 

Over 130 pages with more than 30 illustrations

6" x  9" Format, Perfect Binding, Black and White interior ink

ISBN: 978-0-6151-6345-1

Author: Darrel P. Kaiser

Publisher: Darrel Kaiser Books (www.DarrelKaiserBooks.com)

(c) 2006  English First Edition


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