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Writing Workshops Huntsville - Tennessee Valley, Alabama

Private writing school for the open, enthusiastic and driven...

Topics and Subjects Discussion

1) Why and What, and Time - Why do you want to write a book, and what is your message that you want to share with everyone else? And do you have time to commit to your writing?

2) Starting Your Project - Tricks of keeping a notebook  or journal of ideas as they pop into your mind.

3) Building your Stories World & Orienting Your Reader - Whether your story is real or fantasy, fact or fiction... or both; whether it is history, science fiction, horror, or religious, the story world you build, with all of its elements and rules establishing the characters, plot, and environment, needs to be consistent and clear. If you have those,  you can take your reader anywhere you choose. How it all starts: Who, What, Why, Where, When... and How!

4) Writing About Places You Know -  Every story has to happen somewhere located in space and time. While some can write completely out of fantasy, most find it easier to write about something they know. Think back and you will find there are events and places, or maybe only one place and event,  where something has happened. Writing your story, whether it be fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, within that familiar place gives a special meaning that that your reader feels as he follows your story. Those little details that you only are aware of from your past add to the story picture your are creating  in your readers mind.  

5) Basic Level Poetry & Verse - How and when to use poetry and verse with your story without getting carried away. Beginning rhyming techniques to add to your story line.

6) Using Fiction Techniques -   Developing point of view, character motivation, and first person or other narrative voice to build a lifelike and interesting character to guide your reader through your story with point of view, plot structure, scene development, and dialogue to add realism and life to your story. Short Stories versus novels, and which is appropriate to your message and audience... and format (print, eBook, or audio... or all).

7) Nonfiction Writing - Memoir and sharing the unique experiences of your life story through different writing techniques and approaches to interest your audience, along with targeting your words to that audience. 

8) Research/Historical/Technical Writing - Getting what you have to say across to the reader. Facts and more facts; 'lost' historical sources; technical and 'how-to-do' writing.

9) How to Revise your Story  - Okay, your first draft is done. What now, and what do you look for to make your story line better for your intended audience. 

10) Fiction & Non-Fiction Guided Writing - Within a supportive environment, students will share new and in-process work, write from prompts, take home ideas for new stories, talk about writing, and ask questions about craft, creation and process with the goal of creating your first book.

11) Using Word Processors - Speeding up your Project, grammar and spelling checks, formatting within MS Word, and Mac Pages.

12) Front End, and Front & Rear Cover  Development - Title, Copyright, Dedication, Preface pages.... Front & rear Cover graphics and software to build the covers you want to move your story. 

13) Print Publication - Size versus pages versus font versus whitespace... versus retail cost. Cover 

14) eBook Publication - Tricks for each format: Kindle, Kobo, PDF, IBook, Nook, Lulu, Mobi... and why each needs its own formatting.

15) Publishing Sources & Contracts - Pay someone else or do it yourself, royalties... specific contact points.

16) Website, Social Media, and Publicity - How to multiply your exposure, webinars, lectures and readings. Website design basics, along with basic HTML formatting; domain names.

17) Publisher & Website Support - Use of my website and Publishing House if you choose.

18) Plus more as we go along and you ask questions.

Enrollment Limit: 3 students
Cost: $100 (or work equivalent) for students.
When: Always running... 
Location: My writing studio, Green Mountain, South Huntsville near Bailey Cove and Hobbs Road.

Short-time Apprenticeship, for the whole shebang, also available at times.

If you’re interested in signing up for a course, please email me at dar-bet@att.net or call me at 256-975-0831.

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