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Honestly, the easiest way to order my books is through one of the links above or below. 

Print books are available through either AMAZON or LULU. 

For eBooks, I would suggest you use the vendor above that supplied your reader or tablet, as I have formatted each eBook type to each reader:


IPAD - ITunes



PDF & Generic Epub - LULU 

I know that many people prefer to buy from the actual Author, and while I appreciate that, I simply am not staffed for normal sales. 

However, if you would prefer a signed Print book, please email me at dar-bet@att.net and I will confirm order and my inventory status. 

 Note that  I can only accept checks and money orders.  Mail order to: Darrel Kaiser, 1315 Joshua Dr, Huntsville, AL 35803

Thank you for your interest... Feel free to email me; comments and criticisms are both welcome. 


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