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An Old Man's Musings  

Questions to ponder: I read and hear that ending the lives of both our old ones (out of mercy) before God has called them, and the lives of the innocent unborn because they are not convenient to my selfish life right now, and I accept this because I will offend the unbelievers…. My soul asks what about offending our All-Mighty God?

The unwanted, those too young or not yet born, and those too old to fight for themselves.... those are the ones that we now say it is acceptable to do away with if they are unwanted by us; no longer convenient for us, and something to get in the way of what we want for ourselves. Maybe we are doing them a favor, if we are truly doing it out love for them, as we are helping them back to GOD... But if we are doing it for us, for our selfish reasons, then it is out of self-love, not selfless love.... How can we say we love one another as we love ourselves, or we wish to be treated as we treat others?  Would we truly wish for someone else to choose to kill us if they felt we were no longer of any use to them? A horrible and terrible thought, but something each one of us must face! We, the people of this society and nation and world with all our fantastic improvements and machines making better my life here on earth, have drifted far away from GOD and put our  souls and Eternal Lives in serious danger. Maybe not you, maybe you have chosen GOD and chosen to fight sin with all your might, but me, I need to find and keep GOD again and raise Him to His proper place as most important in all my life… or face being lost from GOD forever and for all eternity.... Just an Old Man's Musings....

SURPRISE!! This page is not copyrighted.  If you find some words or thoughts that you can use, freely use as you wish, and give credit if you want. We all know where this came from, and it is not me, but GOD, so use what you need, and then pray and thank our GOD. Do not ever thank me, as I am only a channel for our Lord. Think of me as maybe being a very small and feeble beam of light pointing the way towards the Light of Christ. God Bless You All! Last modified: June 21, 2013(AL).