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An Old Man's Musings  

Questions to ponder:  Do you see Him? If not, do you see anything at all other than your own self?

Do you see Him each time you look outside at nature? Do you see Him each time you look at new life? Do you see Him each time you look in the face of your child? Do you see Him when you look into the eyes of your lover? GOD is there and always has, and will be. If you only see yourself, the I ask you to try, to try to open up to GOD and give Him a chance... a chance to love and save you... Just an Old Man's Musings....

SURPRISE!! This page is not copyrighted.  If you find some words or thoughts that you can use, freely use as you wish, and give credit if you want. We all know where this came from, and it is not me, but GOD, so use what you need, and then pray and thank our GOD. Do not ever thank me, as I am only a channel for our Lord. Think of me as maybe being a very small and feeble beam of light pointing the way towards the Light of Christ. God Bless You All! Last modified: June 21, 2013(AL).