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An Old Man's Musings  

Questions to ponder: Sometimes I just stop what I am doing, whether it is work or play or Facebook or twitter or games or TV or workouts, and smell the flowers, or watch the birds and bees, or follow the clouds as they race across the sky, or marvel at the warmth from the sun and the cooling of the breeze.... Some say that this is all only just nature or luck or fate or probabilities, that out of the infinite number of planets out there, one just had to develop like this one.... For me to be here then, that would mean that I am incredibly lucky, and since I know that I am not lucky at all, or ever, that cannot be why we have what we are blessed with here. I see GOD in all this, and so, I give thanks for all this each and every day! Do you?  

Honor and thank our Lord each day and put away those things that our Lord let us create to help us, those material things we now worship and have made gods of, have become slaves too, demanding our time and attention: the cell phones, the television, the internet, Facebook and more… as it says in Psalm 92:1, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.” Take some of the time you happily give to those meaningless things, and give that time to our Lord. Share with GOD your joy and happiness, your accomplishments, and your successes, along with your trials, difficulties, failures, and pain... Just an Old Man's Musings....

SURPRISE!! This page is not copyrighted.  If you find some words or thoughts that you can use, freely use as you wish, and give credit if you want. We all know where this came from, and it is not me, but GOD, so use what you need, and then pray and thank our GOD. Do not ever thank me, as I am only a channel for our Lord. Think of me as maybe being a very small and feeble beam of light pointing the way towards the Light of Christ. God Bless You All! Last modified: June 21, 2013(AL).