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An Old Man's Musings   

Questions to ponder: Love my enemy, and turn the other cheek. Give the thief my coat if he takes my overcoat. Share all I have with those needing help. But why?  Why have compassion, or pity, or share? Why not keep what I have honestly earned for myself? Why not let those that need help, help themselves?

Treat your neighbor, your friend and even your enemy as you wish to be treated. Open your hearts and wallets, and share the wealth and blessings that our Lord has graciously given to you with those less fortunate. I know it seems wrong, and Yes, maybe they have not worked as hard as you have, but understand that except for the grace of our Lord, you and your family might also be there hungry and poor. Try not to judge them as you have not 'walked in their shoes,' and probably do not ever want to. Only the Lord knows when they have failed and what they have overcome, and so, judgement is only for our Lord. The Bible tells us ‘For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you’ (Matt. 7:2). Scary thought, huh!... Just an Old Man's Musings....

SURPRISE!! This page is not copyrighted.  If you find some words or thoughts that you can use, freely use as you wish, and give credit if you want. We all know where this came from, and it is not me, but GOD, so use what you need, and then pray and thank our GOD. Do not ever thank me, as I am only a channel for our Lord. Think of me as maybe being a very small and feeble beam of light pointing the way towards the Light of Christ. God Bless You All! Last modified: June 21, 2013(AL).