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My beloved wife, Betty Kaiser, passed away in November 2012. This site is maintained in her memory....

Landscape Watercolors

"Tall Tree over Flowers"    Landscape by Betty Kaiser

Interlock Watercolors

Browns & Teal Interlock Wall Hanging Quilt by Betty Kaiser

Pinwheel Watercolors

Rose & Blue Pinwheel Watercolor by Betty Kaiser

Watercolor Throw Quilt by Betty Kaiser

Throw Quilts

"Stars For Lucille" by Betty Kaiser

more Wall Hangings

"Collaborations" Purses by Betty Kaiser & Hanna Collins


Animal Watercolors

"Marsh Fisherman" Wall Hanging by Betty Kaiser


Blue Rose Wreath Watercolor by Betty Kaiser

20"x 30"

20"x30" Crazy Quilt by Betty Kaiser

Garden Lights Watercolor by Betty Kaiser

Garden Lights

Watercolor Table Rrunners by Betty Kaiser

Table Runners

Quilting Lecture by Betty Kaiser



Welcome to my Quilt Gallery. Browse thru the pages and enjoy my Landscape and Pinwheel Watercolors, Wreaths and Interlock Watercolors, Purses, and Table Runners.  For more about me and my quilting background, visit  "Quilter"

I hope you enjoy your visit. 

  Thank's for stopping by...   Betty Kaiser   


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